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How Payment Gateway is Important in CRM Software?

November 6, 2020

When we speak about the primary facets of your business, CRM is at the top of the list when it comes to handling client relationships and boosting your business.

It is worth noting that CRM makes the storage of all customer interactions, campaign management, sales automation, and target customers a piece of cookie. What comes as a surprising fact is that CRM also opens the world for smooth sales and premium billing. Closing deals much faster and partnering with a wide variety of customers while keeping a close eye on large invoices and billing is now more than easy.

“Today, you can embrace a wide variety of payment forms, minimize your losses to scams, gain useful market knowledge, and get paid faster. VirgoSix CRM applications can be fitted with billing support without any issues”.

As soon as the payment is made by the customer, the customer record can be changed in a flash of an eye. This helps the company to keep up-to-date with the customer's account, in particular the payment records. When you accept CRM payments, not only do you save precious time for your employees, but you also improve the productivity of your company manifolds. You will end up entering the data into a unified source, which is a win-win for all.

Benefits of acknowledging VirgoSix CRM Financing:

  • -Faster Deposit
  • -Billing Multi-Currency
  • -Recurrent transactions
  • -Scalability of revenue
  • -Minimize Security Risk
  • -Multi-language receptions
  • -Automatic Tax Estimate
  • -Automatic Reporting and Summary Generation

It will also help the company in terms of data consolidation and accuracy. Accessing payments and all consumer data from one source improves reliability and thus decreases the number of systems used.

We have Payment Gateways which are integrated into VirgoSix CRM Software namely Instamojo, PayPal Smart Checkout, PayU Money, and Stripe Checkout.

Acceptance of payments is typically a three-step Process:


Create invoices and quotes for your clients quickly. One should understand that when you implement invoices with CRM, you can quickly and neatly arrange invoices, payment history, and quotes with your contact details, respectively. Also, the great thing is that you're not going to have to build invoices again and again from the beginning. You can use invoicing models that best serve your needs.


If the receipt has been sent, it is easy for your customers to send it to the customer payment portal or to send it with a special encrypted connection. Accepting payments has become much simpler, consumers can pay via their credit card and other online traders such as PayPal, etc.

Get paid for:

Your client's payments are processed directly through CRM. No more looking through the document stacks. Every form of payment is carefully handled and coordinated. Payment records are stored in the manner of easily accessible categories.

Also, when it happens to SMBs, accepting CRM payments, or integrating payment gateways with CRM software can result in profitable business expansion. Businesses around the world selling monthly subscriptions will make the most of the benefits. 

And if you have some of your Payment Gateways then too, we can integrate it into our VirgoSix CRM Software. Please feel free to add your perspectives to our blog.

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