How to Turn Facebook Leads into Sales in the CRM Software?

December 29, 2021

Losing business as a result of misunderstandings, slow response times, and missed opportunities? Customers who are pleased, as well as those who are dissatisfied, spread the word. Our Virgosix CRM software puts your clients at the center of your business while also allowing you to expand and improve. When you can better assist them, you can better assist yourself.

With our CRM software, you can increase business productivity, close more sales, handle thousands of customer interactions at once, and keep on top of your clients' needs. You will rule the complex world of client connections with VirgoSix without losing the ball.

Connect all of your business data across advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, and service to make every customer interaction count. Virgosix is an integrated CRM software suite that goes beyond CRM to help you establish, manage, service, and nurture long-term customer connections. It’s one of the best CRM software that connects with your company’s Facebook page and auto fetch data for better results. 

Create a holistic perspective of your customer and their interactions, regardless of how, when, where, or with whom they interact. From acquisition to retention, and everything in between, empower your entire company to offer amazing client experiences.

To align with your customers and execute on your brand promise, combine all of your business application data with our CRM software. VirgoSix’s unified cloud platform gives a complete view of every customer encounter, no matter how, where, or when your consumers engage.

Why CRM is beneficial for your business?

CRM software can provide you with a detailed picture of your customers. Everything is in one place: a simple, customizable dashboard that tells you about a client's previous interactions with you, the progress of their orders, any remaining customer support issues, and more.

A CRM solution can help marketers better understand the sales or prospect funnel, making forecasting easier and more accurate. Every chance or lead will be clearly visible, allowing you to follow a clear path from inquiry to sales.

Integrate social media with CRM software which seems crucial in today’s digital time. Virgosix gets connected to your Facebook page and provides you leads from Facebook ad leads.

Here are some benefits for connecting the Facebook page to Virgosix CRM

Follow conversations about your company from the CRM tool

Managing your leads and converting them has become quite easy now. It’s the best sales funnel Facebook CRM tool. When you're in Virgosix CRM, you can use sales signals to receive real-time Facebook leads notifications and assign them to your team members for further follow-up.

Turn Facebook leads into sales in the CRM software  

To keep track of your Facebook leads, Virgosix CRM allows you to connect the Facebook page and fetch inquiry leads directly into your CRM account.

The Facebook CRM tool helps to keep an eye on your customers and easily save their email ID, name, and contact details. From Virgosix CRM, respond to leads, send them proposals, bulk emails, SMS, and welcome emails with predefined writeups.

Moreover, you can also manage your Facebook leads with a full-proof CRM system from sending mails, keeping notes, sharing with unlimited users, and much more.

To track your online marketing efforts, connect your Facebook page to CRM and fetch new leads and contacts directly to your Facebook CRM. Virgosix provides the best CRM for accumulating Facebook leads and turning them easily into sales.  

Turn conversations into sales opportunities

You can manually add leads and contacts with flawless CRM integrated tools. Assign these leads to your sales team and follow up on a regular basis.

Virgosix offers a variety of features that aid businesses in their marketing efforts. Companies benefit from our CRM software for a variety of reasons, including improved communication and organization. More than 200 businesses have selected Virgosix as their CRM supplier because of various advantages and also cost-effectiveness.

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While there are far too many to list, the following are some of the most popular Virgosix features.

Excellent customer support

Customers today want prompt, personalized service at all hours of the day and night. Our CRM system can assist you in providing the high-quality service that your consumers expect.

Unlimited users

Users have no restrictions with VirgoSix CRM. You can add as many users as you like and grant access to consumers on an individual or role-by-role basis.

Managing bulk leads

You can keep track of the leads and see how far they've progressed swiftly. Attach files, convert leads to clients, write proposals, make notes, and more.

Edit business proposal

Make attractive offerings to entice potential clients and customers. With a robust editor, you may include images, tables, and YouTube videos.

Integrated invoice system

Create invoices that are both professional and attractive. Attach files and email invoices to your customers immediately, including the invoice PDF.

Generate estimates for the project

Send estimates for the project immediately with just one click. Send it and get the approval soon.

Project management

With a sophisticated project management capability, you can manage and invoice projects. Bill your customers after keeping track of the expenditures and time spent on tasks. Moreover, you can manage each task and control time management, problem management, query management. Keep a track of each task assigned to your team members.

Record expense

Keep track of the company's spending. Set up a recurring expenditure, and the expense will be created after the time period you specify.

Auto database backup

When you need a database backup, you may quickly generate one. To avoid losing your vital data, set up an automatic database backup every X days.

Multiple payment gateways

We have developed payment gateways on CRM systems that are available in most countries, and accept payments from Paypal, Stripe, PayU Money, and Instamojo.

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